BrowseEmAll Core API

Embed, Control and Automate All Major Browsers In Your .Net Application

What is BrowseEmAll Core API?

About me

BrowseEmAll Core API is a .Net Class library you can integrate into your .Net Framework applications. It allows you to embed, control and automate all major browsers inside your .Net Application.

This means navigating, executing JavaScript and taking screenshots in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and many mobile device simulators.

Why BrowseEmAll Core API

  • Used and trusted by more than 10000+ Users of BrowseEmAll
  • Worry free licensing for your use case
  • Business grade support by the development team

Main Features

  • Embed all major browser engines in your .Net UI
  • Full control over the engines
  • Possibility to execute JavaScript directly in the engines
  • Take screenshots anytime in any browser engine
  • Automate different repetitive tasks using any browser and JavaScript

Easy To Integrate

Start using the BrowseEmAll Core API with just a few lines of code.

Read our Getting Started Guide or documentation to start building right away.

BrowserManager manager = new BrowserManager();
manager.OnBrowserReady += (s,e) => {
// Fired once the browser instance is loaded and ready to go
// Navigate the instance to
// Open a new Chrome 48 instance
Control browser = (Control)manager.OpenBrowser(Browser.CHROME48, new BrowserSettings());
// Embed the control in your UI
// You can use Winforms, WPF or the raw Win32 Window Handle for this
browser.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;